Insult to injury: How the poultry processing industry treats hurt workers

Meat and poultry processing workers often perform the same motions for hours at a time: pulling tenders off of chicken carcasses, tearing out their internal organs, or trimming cuts of meat. These repetitive and forceful jobs, performed on long shifts with minimal breaks, can cause workers to develop musculoskeletal injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, muscle strains and lower back injuries.

Poultry processing workers still face high number of injuries

On July 3, 2015, an employee of Tyson Foods was was preparing for work at the line 4B tender clipping station at the company’s poultry processing plant in Sedalia, Missouri. The stand slipped, pinching her middle finger between the frame and the processing line. Her finger was amputated between the nail-bed and first knuckle. Less than a year later, at the same plant, an employee slipped and fell while trying to move a piece of ice with his foot. He suffered a fractured tibia.



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